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Activity Eight - Blended Learning Strategy –Design Template Two

Blended Learning Strategy –Design Template Two

My second strategy is to improve the underpinning knowledge of our students by getting them to set up a reflective learning ePortfolio in the form of a blog. Part of the blog would be to have an open forum on-line for discussion around the tasks that the students are writing the blog about. Currently our students, both f2f and distance, are asked to care for animals over a two day period and answer questions about this in the written assessment. They are also required to video themselves completing particular tasks and attach this to the written assessment for marking.

An ePortfolio will enable the students to set up their reflective blog in any style they wish to. They are able to use a range of different media, written text, video and images can all be included. Using the three step Reflective framework to "Take Notice, Analyse, Take action" Hegarty (2013) the students will take responsibility for their own reflective learning. They will reflect about why they completed a task and what effect their actions had on the animals well being. "The ePortfolio

assists students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. It encourages and enables the process of reflection, self-evaluation, and action planning as a process for lifelong learning" MOE (2010).

Formative assessments will provide continual feedback for the students to ensure they are caring for the animals correctly. Animal welfare should never be compromised. By monitoring the ePortfolio and the on-line discussion forum the facilitator will be able to offer positive feedback and assistance to keep the students motivated to complete the tasks. "Research has shown that formative practises raise standards and improve achievement" Rate (2008)

The ePortfolio allows for medium flexibility with the course and relates to three dimensions. Time, Delivery and logistics and Instructional approaches and resources. Rather than have to include the video of the specific tasks in the written assessment the video could be added to the portfolio and the students could talk through their refection if they are more comfortable with this.


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